You can use certain words and phrases to do so when you want to show that a certain point in your writing is significant or should be paid more attention to.

You can use certain words and phrases to do so when you want to show that a certain point in your writing is significant or should be paid more attention to.

Sometimes, without phrases and words that mark or point out the need for a point that is certain an essay could possibly get disorganized.

“Show the most important thing in order to guide others to meaning.” – Anonymous”

Exemplory instance of Signifying Importance

Why poetry matters to the masses significantly relies on individual perception. Notably, the view that is subjective of poetry’s place is within social culture may be interpreted in a myriad ways.

One of the keys view that is subjective take into account is how poetry affects our perception of what we call reality.

The main proponents of poetry claim, above all, that poetry affects individual perception in a way that shifts one’s consciousness either permanently or temporarily.

Phrases and Words


It is important to summarize information for your readers so they can firmly grasp what has been presented when you have written a large chunk of information.

Summarizing can seem simple, however in fact, it really is an art. It requires great effort to write simply and coherently about a massive quantity of information, also to make it come together as a cohesive whole on paper.

For me.“If I had to conclude, most broadly, my concerns as a writer, I’d say the question ‘How then must we live?’ are at the center of it” – Claire Messud

Example of Summarizing

Overall, we could start to see the effect that video gaming have on modern American children. Research indicates that rampant attention deficit disorder in the usa coincides directly with the amount of video game usage among children of 6-13 years old.

Also, with conclusive evidence, we are able to observe how these games are tangibly tied to outward violence in school, as the studies mentioned before illustrated that the actions seen by children within certain games were reenacted in real world (usually within the school yard).

As a last note, I wish to add that the problems linked to the link between video gaming and children is ever-increasing, while the United States government should do something up against the high usage of such games among youth in order to salvage whatever we have left of a stable American society.

Stating Your Opinion

In a lot of types of essays, you need to state your opinion concerning the issue that is main in your essay. Supplying your opinion could make your essay more personal and multi-dimensional. Often, teachers ask students to offer their opinion on heated topics to demonstrate thinking that is critical write my essay for me.

“Our opinions become fixed at the point where we stop thinking.” – Ernest Renan”

Illustration of Stating Your Opinion

To be honest, I barely managed to finish reading, “The Hunger Games.” After reading novels that are such “1984,” “Brave New World,” “Dr. Strangelove,” or even the recent “Metro 2033,” where dystopia in addition to post-apocalypse are shown in most their grimness, “The Hunger Games” looks, to put it mildly, unconvincing.

That is possibly the word that is best to explain literally everything in this novel, starting with the key characters and ending with all the world events that take place. If you’re a person that is logical to consider critically, try not to take this book too near to heart.

Phrases and Words

  • in truth, …
  • to put it mildly, …
  • in my opinion, …
  • as far as I’m concerned, …
  • speaking for myself, …
  • in my opinion, …
  • personally, I think…
  • I would personally say that…
  • I would suggest that…
  • I would like to point out that…

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